PUBG rules

This list of rules is mandatory for each player. In case of violation of the rule, the official administration is obliged to issue the prescribed punishment in accordance with the violation. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse.

Not reporting to Community Heads, authorized to view reports of bugs, server malfunctions/deficiencies, or an attempt to "Bargain" with Community Heads, results in a lifetime ban on the server.

I. General rules

1.0 Banned obscene sprays. Punishment: Kill/Kick/Ban(1-30)

1.1 Advertising in any format is prohibited. Punishment: Ban(60-1440)

1.2 Insults/inadequacies are prohibited, including any derogation by nationality. Punishment: Gag/Mute/Kick/Ban(1-1440)

1.3 Flood/spam (More than 2 identical messages in a row) and Caps Lock in text/voice chat is prohibited Punishment: Gag/Mute/Kick/Ban(1-60)

1.4 Prohibited the use of any programs that help the gameplay. Punishment: Ban(Permament)

1.5 Microphone strictly from 13 years. Punishment: Kick/Gag

1.6 Nickname should be easily readable, understandable and not insulting anyone. Punishment: Kick/Ban(1-30)

1.7 Prohibited voice changing programs. Punishment: Gag/Kick

1.8 It is forbidden to kill objects and doors(PropKill). Punishment: Kick/Ban(1-60)

1.9 It is forbidden to use any map/server bugs. Punishment: Kick/Ban(30-Permament)

1.10 Any actions that violate the server are prohibited.(DDOS/Bugs). Punishment: Ban(Permament)

1.11 Nicknames must be different from each other and must be distinguished by at least 4 characters. Plagiarized nicknames are also prohibited. Punishment: Kick/Ban(1-120)

1.12 It is forbidden to unite. Punishment: Kick/Ban(5-60)

1.13 It is forbidden to deceive the Administration of the server. Punishment: Ban(1-1440)

1.14 Any player must assist the Administration.

1.15 Farm and pumping each other is strictly prohibited Punishment: Zeroing/Ban(Permament)

1.16 Filthy is allowed, but without leaving the framework of adequacy (Filthy through the word - mute) Punishment: Mute/Gag/Kick

1.17 Distribution of any map/server/game bugs is strictly prohibited. Punishment: Ban(Permament)

1.18 It is forbidden to deliberately kill the Allies, but allowed the murder with consent. Punishment: Kick/Ban(1-2880)

1.19 It is forbidden to play music in voice chat. Punishment: Kick/Gag

II. Rules for Administrators/Moderators/Operators.

2.0 It is forbidden to remove Punishment issued by another Administrator/Moderator/Operator.

2.1 Any representative of the Administration is obliged to monitor compliance with the rules.

2.2 Any member of the Administration must not violate the server rules and to overstep its authority.

2.3 Any member of the Administration shall issue the penalties specifying the reason.(Preferably in paragraphs).

2.4 Prohibited actions that will interfere with other players.

2.5 Do not use the features and functions of the Administrator/Moderator/Operator for personal and selfish purposes.

2.6 Prohibited conduct surveys/questions tricky content. (Example: Daga idiot? Yes / no).

2.7 Any representative of the Administration has no right to punish another Administrator.

2.8 Any member of the Administration is obliged to monitor compliance with the rules of this server players and punish as misdemeanors the players do not follow the rules.

2.9 The operator/moderator/Administrator is responsible for respectful to players and other admins. Politely answer the questions of players about servers, games and teams. (Administration-example for players).

2.10 Inaction is prohibited.

2.11 Any representative of the Administration is obliged to inform the higher Administrators about any bugs and errors of the server/game.

2.12 Any representative of the Administration has no right to disclose any bugs and errors of the server/game.

2.13 It is forbidden to approve applications of songs with obscene abuse.

2.14 It is prohibited to approve requests of songs with the same text in the "song Title" and "Artist".

Ignorance of the rules is no excuse!